Thursday, November 13, 2014

See's Candy in Sugarhouse

By Aimee from The Elephant of Surprise  
'Tis the season for all the best things--like gift giving, chocolate . . . and, well those are about the best things that I know of! See's Chocolate is pretty much a holiday tradition, so it's perfect timing that a new shop has opened nearby for us Salt Lake locals in Sugarhouse. You can find this "Quantity Discount" store (which means that this location supplies the candy for fundraisers and bulk business orders, etc) at 2107 S and 700 E. Come down and check it out!

A few things you might not already know about See's Candy:

-You can build your own box. Meaning that you can choose each and every chocolate that goes in the box you buy, so you can be sure every one is a favorite. 
-See's Candy is gluten free
-They are the only company that ages their chocolate. I don't know what that means exactly, but when it comes to wine and cheese that's supposed to be the best, right??
-They use no added preservatives.
-You get a free piece of chocolate every time you visit!