Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tracy Aviary Little Chicks Classes

By Aimee from The Elephant of Surprise  

When was the last time you went to Tracy Aviary? I just went today with my little ones to attend one of their "Little Chicks" classes, and we were all SUPER impressed. If you haven't been lately, you must--and if you have little ones between the ages of 2 and 5, click here to check out their Little Chicks classes. They offer these classes during the spring and fall, and although this week is the first week of classes, there's still time to sign up! Or you can register for the classes a la carte and do just one. 

The series is 6 weeks long, with 1 class a week. Classes last for an hour and include activities, songs, stories, and a snack. And the most exciting part is a new and special bird visits each class. 

Below is my son feeding our bird friends today.

Here is our cute teacher, Jenn leading the kids in bird exercises.

Today they got a little science exploration kit, and they even painted their own bags. So cute!

If you're a member at the Aviary already, the classes come at a discount. If you're not, you get to explore the aviary as part of the class fee each time you come. 

These birds are awesome, and there is lots of fun things for your kiddos to do.

Head over to the Tracy Aviary website to check out all the fun things they have going on there, and to register for their fun and educational Little Chicks Classes! You will love them.