Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cafe Madrid

It's about time we introduce you to Cafe Madrid, one of Salt Lake's favorite restaurants. They even have numerous awards to back that up. Cafe Madrid's authentic Spanish dishes are amazing and sure to please even the pickiest palates. 

Cafe Madrid's newish location is a beautiful stone building on Highland Drive that is adorned with flowers and a fountain out front. They have patio seating and even cozy little booths. Everything about Cafe Madrid is warm and inviting.

We suggest ordering the Tortilla Espanola (requires 24 hour advance notice), it is amazing! We paired it with the Gambas Con Bacon, shrimp sauteed in a red cream sauce. The flavor really complemented the Tortilla Espanola.

We love Cafe Madrid's baby red potatoes or you can order them fried, they are almost like homemade potato chips but much tastier.

Try the grilled beef tenderloin, topped in Roquefort cheese sauce. I am normally not a big fan of Roquefort cheese but this is really quite delicious!

The wait staff is really friendly and can assist you in ordering just the right thing! They know the perfect thing to compliment every order. 

5244 South Highland Drive
Holladay, Utah 
(801) 273-0837
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  1. Great food and a beautiful atmosphere!

  2. I visited Cafe Madrid years ago, moved to Seattle for a few years and when I returned back to Salt Lake I drove by it's old location hoping to stop in. I was disappointed when it was no longer there thinking they were no longer in business. So, needless to say I am so happy that they are still thriving and just moved to a different location. Love this place!!