Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Smoothies

Have you been to Red Mango?  Have you tried their delicious frozen yogurt?  We have and we love it.

But have you tried the Red Mango Frozen Smoothies?  We recently tried a few and they were so yummy.  So good in fact, we were glad we had ordered the large!

Red Mango has some new "Super Biotic Smoothies" this Summer!  These new smoothies come in four new lifestyle-centered categories; Twisted Fruits, Body Balance, All Fruit Harmony and Just Kiddin'. 

The Twisted Fruit category are smooth and creamy signature yogurt smoothies altered in new and innovative fruit-forward ways.

The Body Balance category has flavorful and functional yogurt smoothie formulated with beneficial boosts.

The All Fruit Harmony group features refreshing dairy-free and soy-free smoothies made only with fruit, juice and ice.

And the Just Kiddin' 


We tried the Berry Banana and the Super PB Cup.  The Berry Banana had strawberries, blueberries and banana.  At Red Mango they never use frozen fruit.  It's always fresh, ripe fruit and you can tell the difference in this smoothie.

The Super PB Cup was a delicious combination of peanut better and chocolate with an added fat burner boost. Both smoothies although different from each other were very creamy and tasted exactly like their names.  We would definitely buy those two again, but we want to stop in soon and try some of the other great combinations.

Red Mango has plenty of locations in the Salt Lake Valley.  We stopped by the Sugarhouse location and we were met by a friendly and helpful staff. Red Man Here's where you can check out your closet location.

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Red Mango sponsored this post, but the opinions are our own.