Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Back Friday: Home Again

By Beth Davis 

In the heart of Sugarhouse, where it seems there is something for everyone, there is an establishment that has something for everyone inside and some of it spills out on to the sidewalk. Home Again is not only my favorite consignment shop, it’s my favorite shop of any sort. I’ve been frequenting this mercantile as both buyer and seller for a decade.

Every time I walk through the door, it appears the entire shop has been restocked. That’s one aspect that sets Home Again apart as a successful consignment store, the turnover is quick and that benefits everyone.
The management has a knack for knowing what their customer base is and they take in items accordingly. I’ve found their prices to be fair as both a consigner and a purchaser, so I’m willing to take their advise on a price if I have items to unload. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep it real. And, I’ve come across some screamin’ good deals over the years.

If I wander in to browse, I make a loop through the menagerie at least twice, once in each direction. Even then I know I miss a thing or two, but I also know it won’t be long before I’m back again.
I love the collection of mismatched styles, the mixture of old and new. The theme, if there is one, must be “something for everyone”.

Iron patio furniture, a pretty vase, candlesticks, a funky swag lamp, delicate stemware, original art, coffee table, end table, dining table & chairs, a set of shelves, a favorite book, and most recently a huge set of fine china, have all made their way from someone’s home, to the shop in sugarhouse, and finally to my place where they are Home Again. What could be better than that?

 A few years ago a new shop opened in Midvale. Two Locations, double the deals!

Home Again

Sugarhouse                                 Midvale 
1019 East 2100 South                    7409 South Holden