Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Old Flamingo

By Beth Davis
Photos by Tavia McGrath

If you have driven the stretch of 23rd East between 33rd and 39th South, you have surely noticed The Old Flamingo. It’s easy to spot with the flock of pink plastic lawn ornaments.   Inside it is just as surprising.   
It’s a second hand shop with a twist. The owner’s run the shop as a co-op, with several venders displaying their wares. From an assortment of creative backgrounds, these vendors are key to the variety of styles you will find.

Besides all the unique treasures, there is a selection of furniture to suit anyone’s home. Great new finishes on old dressers, tables and shelves create contemporary pieces that rival anything in the latest catalogs you’ve been eyeballing.

They offer the service of refinishing your old furniture as well. So if “repurpose”, “recycle”, or “up-cycle” fit in to your world or budget, they can easily help you out.

Fabulous art, both new and old fills the walls. Really fabulous art! And if you make your own, they have the most diverse collection of frames for your creations. I’ve been in 3 times since it opened, and have yet to leave empty handed. The turnover is quick, so each time it’s a new experience.

While I’ve wandered around the place, the staff has been helpful and inquiries are quickly dealt with, nothing pushy, just genuine service.  The place is upbeat and has a remarkable energy in it.
Wander in and see what you find.

3474 South 2300 East 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
(801) 274-3474

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