Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Heart Salt Lake Contributor- Kristie

Meet Kristie Bringhurst, she is a contributor here on I Heart Salt Lake.

You might recognize her from her lifestyle blog, The Resolution.
Years living in Utah ?
I have lived in Utah for a little over four years now. It feels like so much longer! Haha.

Favorite local restaurant?
I’m going to go with Moochies. I know they’re most known for their meatball subs, but I can’t get enough of their cheese steaks  and cream soda. Mmm. Don’t even get me started on their brownies.

Favorite places to shop in the Salt Lake Valley?
I have a secret obsession with Tabula Rasa. What can I say? Stationary is my weakness. Oh and speaking of weaknesses, I really love RubySnap.

Best thing about Salt Lake/Utah?
The farmer’s market in Pioneer Park, hands down, is the best thing about Salt Lake. I go almost every week during the summer to buy all of my produce for the week. I love that you can buy everything that you need, locally, in one central location.

Anything else you want to add?
I really enjoy living in downtown Salt Lake. I love that the city is busy and bustling, but that it’s also small and welcoming. It’s that perfect mixture that so many cities try to achieve, but very few actually accomplish.