Friday, August 12, 2011

The Recycled Bike

The section of 33rd South between Highland Drive and 2000 East is a quirky one…a mish-mash of sorts with carwashes, mechanics, a cemetery, consignment and floral shops.  Nestled right in the thick of the randomness is my favorite bike shop in town, The Recycled Bike.

For a guy that loves to collect and restore bikes, a shop dedicated to nothing but used bicycles sounds like a formula for success. From the moment I walked in, it felt like heaven. The smell of old tires, a view of mountains of frames and parts and an atmosphere of a few guys who love what they do are a welcome sight.

On warm days, restored vintage and retro machines are set outside. Inside the shop the walls are decorated with everything from wooden rims (when was the last time you saw some of those?!) to wacky frames that are no doubt waiting for the right parts to pop up before being assembled. 

For me, the beauty lies in some of the parts you will find buried in the stacks of bicycles that have yet to be “dealt with”. Every time I have visited since that fateful first trip has yielded yet another component I can use for my own collection. Really, just about anything you can spot has a price. 

The Recycled Bike comes in handy too for those disposing of old bikes. They are always happy with donations as they often donate working bikes to those less fortunate. 

If you haven't been into the shop, do yourself a favor and stop by. It is dirty, nostalgic and loads of fun!

The Recyled Bike
1460 East 3300 South