Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Choice is yours... At Chuck A Rama!

By Kim Cracroft
Chuck A  Rama has been around for quite sometime!   This family owned business started back in 1966 and is still going strong with over 12 locations to visit.  We all have a Grandpa or Grandma, perhaps an Uncle that loves this place.   For me, its my Dad...  I have fond memories of going to this restaurant with my family.  My dad would take all of us there for a birthday, or for a big family get together.  
Chuck A Rama is celebrating their 50th anniversary!  I was able to attend a pre celebration for this restaurant where we learned how Chuck A Rama got its name, (visit their website and watch the little video) How long ago this restaurant was started, and where Chuck A Rama is today.  We were able to watch how they make all things fresh there.   They bake all things in house the day of,  and are made from scratch.  We were fortunate enough to see how they make there cinnamon pull aparts! YUUUM!   
The salad bar offers fresh options of pretty much everything you need to make the perfect salad, not to mention they have so many choices for lunch and dinner.  They had everything...out of the oven roast beef, turkey, homemade soups, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies and my personal, favorite the slow roasted kettle turkey with potatoes and carrots. They have Mexican cuisine, Chinese  cuisine, kids personal favorites included pizza, french fries, mac and cheese, spaghetti... the list goes on and on and on.  I cant stress enough how fresh everything was!  
The drink station offers both Coke and Pepsi products, local apple beer , an original Icee machine with 2 flavors, hot cocoa, etc.   Where else can you go and have over 20 options for food and drink?   Sounds like a win win to me. 
Last but not least, the dessert bar.   Everything from Grandmas homemade rice pudding and lava cake, to self serve soft serve ice  ream, endless choices of cakes and brownies...  what else am I missing?
You don't have to be from the older generation to frequent this place.   Take the kiddos there, meet a friend there for lunch,  celebrate your next birthday there,  don't be a stranger...  the staff is so friendly and the restaurant is top notch clean.  I promise this restaurant will not disappoint...  Go give it a try...  The choice is yours, at Chuck A Rama!