Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Costa Vida- made with passion from scratch every day!

 By Kim Cracroft

I had the opportunity to visit Costa vida a few weeks ago.   I have been there before but not like this.  I was able to go and sample there menu at a Q&A event with the Executive chef of all Utah Costa Vidas,  Geoff Alter.  I  was so glad I did this because I tried things that I had overlooked on the menu or just simply have never tried!

First on the list.    The soda bar.  You can go for the classic soda drinks, mix up your own or go for the fresh horchata which is packed full of cinnamon and rice milk.  Yum!   They are also trying out a few new drinks.  A limeade using only water limes and sugar to sweeten and a watermelon drink consisting of puréed fresh watermelon, limes, water and a bit of sugar.   They are both sweet and the first sip screamed summer!!!!!

I ventured out and tried the assorted salsas and chips.  Their queso is the perfect appetizer.  It is so rich in flavor, thick and creamy.  You won't regret this choice.

I tried the Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad.  Do not let the Chipotle steer you away.  I saw that and thought "spicy" I was wrong.  This is a salad boasting with tons of yummy sweet and savory notes.  I tried this with both  the creamy ranch and the vinegerette both were delicious.

Enchiladas were up next... I tried them all!  From grilled chicken to sweet pork to braised beef some were flour tortilla enchiladas and some were yellow corn enchiladas.  I would recommend the grilled chicken enchiladas with roasted green chile sauce and flour tortillas.  They were soooo good!

Last on the main course list was a grilled steak taco.  Think fresh street steak taco.  Made with tender steak and a honey habenero sauce.  It was presented as a simple street taco but it tasted amazing!!!  They were my husbands favorite!

We topped off the night with dessert!  We had their key lime pie which is bursting w fresh keylime taste and the sweetness from the whipping cream and crust made for the perfect sweet and tart dessert.  Tres leches (three milks) cake was rich and very sweet, this seems to be their best selling dessert and their is a reason for that.  Last but not least was flan.   I have my reservation about this dessert but Costa Vida did not disappoint.  I will go as far as to say this is the best flan I have ever had!!!  It was so creamy and smoothe.  Seriously...  You have to try this!  All of these desserts were delicious and are a absolute must try! 
This restaurant has fresh written all over it.  It uses the freshest and finest ingredients offered to them.  Feel free to visit them and try some of these dishes I mentioned or perhaps venture out on your own and try something new!