Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Best Bike Trails Near Salt Lake City

By Christensen and Hymas Utah Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Spring is on its way, and the time for searching out bike trails near Salt Lake is here! While some of the higher mountain trails may still be a little snowy, there are lots of great options closer to home. Here are 5 of our favorites:

Our Favorite Bike Trails near Salt Lake
  • We love this trail — a 17-mile paved path along Utah Valley. It has multiple points of access, from American Fork down to Orem. It features restrooms, water fountains, and early access.
  • This trail runs about 10 miles from Sandy to Point of the Mountain. It winds through neighborhoods and along streets, and is great for a casual family ride.
  • This is a 14-mile paved trail that never crosses any streets, allowing for a smooth, uninterrupted ride through the Farmington and Salt Lake areas. The Legacy Parkway Trail offers some great views of Utah’s spring scenery. Unfortunately, there is no restroom or drinking water access on the trail.
  • The Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail trail intersects the Legacy Parkway Trail. It is nearly 25 miles long and runs from Roy to Bountiful.
  • This trail also connects to the Legacy Parkway Trail, and weaves through Utah, Salt Lake, and Davis counties. It is the longest trail on our list, stretching for over 40 miles. Construction and gaps can make the trail difficult to follow, but Salt Lake County offers a map to help you navigate.
The Best Bike Trail in Utah that Should be Paved
This trail begins at Cascade Springs on the Alpine Loop and continues over the mountain past the Soldier Hollow Olympic Site to the Dear Creek Dam Trail head. It runs for about 8 miles from the Utah to Heber Valleys. It is currently unpaved, but we think it would make a great paved trail for all types of cyclists. Currently, cyclists have to travel around Deer Creek Reservoir to get from Utah County to Midway and Heber, but this road has a narrow shoulder and cars traveling at fast speeds.  Paving the Deer Creek Parkway would protect cyclists and allow for some epic rides throughout multiple counties.  


Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas are Utah Bicycle Accident Attorneys at Christensen & Hymas . A large portion of their practice is dedicated to helping cyclists injured in collisions with motor vehicles. They are avid cyclists and nationally recognized legal experts on cycling laws and safety.