Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Utah Children's Theatre and Zorro

By Kim Cracroft

Tucked away on State Street is an amazing acting theatre company called Utah's Children's Theatre "UCT".  A couple weeks ago I was able to hit the Jackpot visiting this place and finding out what this place is all about!    Young actors and actress with incredible talent grace the stages putting on productions like Rapunzel, Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, and I was able to catch Zorro, which was amazing.  Zorro was repelling into center stage and the sword fights were my favorite!  My family ranged from young to old and each and everyone of us loved every single minute!  The stage may be small in size but the Actors and actresses bring big talent!

As you walk in the double doors of this hip theatre you are welcomed by the ticket box office and to the side there is a concessions stand where they sell yummy treats and drinks!  This place has it all.  During the summer months they offer camps for your budding artists!  Feel free to make a donation anytime to this local theatre.  Just head on over to their website  Do not wait to go and visit this wonderful place!  Make it a priority to go and support the growing Utah Children's Theatre.