Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cakeballz in Utah

Have you heard of Cakeballz? They are a concoction of both cake and frosting rolled into one to create a delicious flavor wrapped in tasty chocolate. You have probably seen them on sticks and called cake pops. Cakeballz are the same amazing taste with out the hassle of a stick.

We were so excited to find that Cakeballz are now sold at local Costco stores! They come frozen and are good for one year and good for up to 60 days thawed. Cakeballz come in three flavors, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake and Chocolate.

Trying to make these yourself is a time consuming task so we were thrilled to know we could just pick them up on our regular Costco excursion. They are great for parties, showers, gifts, after school treats or just because you want a tasty treat!

We love the taste of Cakeballz and think you will too! Next time you are at Costco make sure to grab a box to try.