Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrate Spring and Sunshine at Red Butte Gardens

By Tim Tinker

Red Butte Gardens just wrapped their annual Bulbs and Blooms Festival. The grounds are bursting with bright yellow and orange daffodils. If you missed the Festival, not to worry, the flowers aren’t going anywhere. And maybe that is the best part of Red Butte Garden is always open (well nearly, Turkey Day and the week after Christmas is reserved to give the tireless staff a well-deserved rest). The convenience of 100 acres waiting for you any time you can fit in some sunshine and exercise. Bring your walking shoes, camera, and something cold to drink while taking in the Water Pavilion Garden, complete with waterfall. 

Red Butte Gardens 2014 Concert Series is right around the corner. Tickets for Garden Members go on sale April 28th and May 5th for General Public. Go to or for more details (you will want to set up an account with You may buy Tickets in person or by calling Red Butte Gardens or ticketfly see below. Be sure to inquire about a membership, it just might make your Summer.  And Fall. And Winter. 

Some of the nearly 30 acts include Sarah McLachlan, Michael McDonald & Toto,  Santana, Sherly Crow, Janalle Monae, and many more.   

Where: 300 Wakara Way, SLC, UT 84108
What: Gardens, Concerts, Hiking, Photography, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Private Tours, etc.
When: Summer Hours begin May 1st  with daily availability from 9am-9pm.
How: Walkling Shoes, Sunscreen, Camera, Layers, Water, etc.
Red Butte Gardens (801) 585-0556
Ticketfly: (877) 987-6487