Monday, January 27, 2014

Resolve to Eat Better Donuts in 2014: Station 13 Texas Donuts

Last week The Wife and I discovered a hidden gem in Utah County. Station 13 Texas Donut's is a bright and cheerful family run donut shop. It is operated by a staff of about 10 employees that includes the obligatory mom & pop (& daughter) of any good small business. The shop is spacious and has an open feel that is completely decked out in firefighter gear. You can even don "retired" firefighter suits, boots, and helmets should you so desire yourself. Station 13 also offers a drive through, in case you need your donuts on the run. 

To the hole of the matter: the donuts. Stations 13's donuts (yeast and cake) are handmade and it shows. Station 13's donuts will not be xeroxed clones of one another--they will have slight esthetical imperfections. These flavorful flaws are the badge of honor for custom crafted delicacies. The Wife and I were also shown a neat little trick you can use to tell if your donuts are truly quality. If you pull the doughnut apart, a quality donut will tear apart fairly easily; while your frozen and reheated grocery store types will want to resist the break, and will rip apart. This nugget of knowledge may come in useful when delving into one Station 13's best sellers, the Texas Donut, which is about the equivalent of 5 regular-sized treats. Station 13 has an impressive line-up of donuts, and are always tinkering with new concepts. Of the handful we tried, our favorites were the Toasted Coconut (hers), and the Apple Fritter (mine). If you happen to miss a favorite during the week, be sure to visit on Saturday when all varieties are rolled out. Unlike many competitors Station 13 is open until 7PM. For your late day visits, try the Crio Bru brewed cocoa, which is produced right here in Utah and fittingly enough is caffeine-free. Well mostly. It's made with the most magic beans of all. Cocoa beans.

Station 13's is fast becoming a local favorite, not only in Lehi, but as far as Beaver, UT where one die-hard fan makes a weekly 170 mile pilgrimage to 13's to pick up his standing order. After trying Station 13's donuts, you will understand the 170 miles isn't that far.  The admiration is mutual, and Station 13 reciprocates the appreciation every day by offering uniformed firefighters, police, and the Armed Forces a 50% discount, making it a popular hangout for breakfast group clubs.

Station 13 Texas Donuts
Where: 1325 E. Main St. Lehi, UT (across the street from Culvers). 
When: Monday-Saturday 6AM-7PM, closed Sundays.
Who: Homer Simpson
Why: 801-327-9385
What: Donuts, Coffee, Smoothies, Kolaches, Hot Chocolate, Italian Soda, etc.
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