Monday, December 2, 2013

Re-Post: We Wish U a Merry Christmas!

Need a quick and easy gift for your neighbors and friends in Salt Lake City? Try making these quick and inexpensive ornaments along with this free printable tag to say “We Wish U a Merry Christmas.” Perfect for all University of Utah fans.

DIY Ornaments:
You’ll need a package of red ornaments and a silver glitter glue pen.
I grabbed a package of 12 red ornaments for $1 at Dollar Tree. They also had glitter glue on their craft isle but I used some I had previously bought at Joanne’s.  Try out your glitter glue in advance before putting it on the ornaments. Some types are more runny and that won’t work well to keep the letter shape.

You’ll also want to have the front of the ornament facing up when writing. Place them in egg cartons or a basket that will stabilize them. I took the picture above when the glue was more dry.
Just copy and paste the image below into your word document or save it and print them how you’d like. This is set up as a 4x6 jpg.
We Wish U a Merry Christmas, University of Utah gift tags.
Wish U Christmas Tags obSEUSSed

Attach the ornament and tag to a bag of your favorite treats (I made chocolate dipped pretzels) and your neighbors will love ‘U.’
{I also made some tags for my neighbors that were BYU fans that said ‘I’m Dreaming of a Y’t Christmas’ just to be nice. I also made blue ornaments with a Y on them.}


We Wish U a Merry Christmas, from I Heart Salt Lake!