Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Utah Truffles

 By Ashlee Prisbrey from Topsy Turvy

A few months ago I got to tour the Utah Truffles factory and just let me tell you it was AMAZING. The smell alone.... Mmmmm I'm seriously considering just volunteering there once all my kids are in school, of course I'd probably gain a pound a day just BREATHING- BEST air EVER! I've seriously considered putting one in my candle warmer to recreate the smell!


If you haven't tried Utah Truffles yet you're missing out!!! They have a store finder on their website so you can find truffles near you! The tour was AMAZING. We got to see how they make the truffles, from mixing, pouring, cooling and cutting the filling...


To the conveyor belt that took the truffle centers on a ride through a shower of glorious chocolate goodness. They use fresh, high quality, natural ingredients and you can tell, the quality is amazing. These truffles just MELT in your mouth. The bar is the size of 4 truffles- I can't finish a bar in one sitting- they are that rich and amazing!


Then they were cooled and packaged! They also privately label so chances are you've had one and didn't know it, like for Deseret Book! It was such a fun tour (I love factories and assembly lines- I just love how things work) and everyone who worked there was kind, outgoing and answered all our questions! They have a ton of flavors (I love the toffee and the almond, my sister likes the mint and the chocolate and my husband likes the orange and the raspberry)


Would you like to WIN some Utah Truffles
 Utah Truffles has generously given us a $50 giftcard to their website 
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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