Monday, March 26, 2012

9th South Delicatessen

By Kristie Bringhurst from The Resolution 

One Saturday, my husband and I decided to venture to a specific place for sandwiches. Unfortunately, they had already stopped serving them by that point in the day, but the guy working at the counter suggested we head down the street to a little deli we had never heard of. We decided to give it a try. That deli was the 9th South Delicatessen. Since that first encounter, we have been back numerous times and always make sure to get extra macaroni salad to go.

9th South Delicatessen is located in the vibrant 9th and 9th area of Salt Lake and the impeccable food, homey decor, and friendly service make it a perfect fit in the area. 9th South Deli boasts having the best pastrami in America. That is no joke. You'll find yourself coming back for more again and again. But then again, just about everything about this place will contribute to that.

The interior is beautifully painted in bright pastels and adorned with various imported goods and other unique food and products. Speaking of unique food, 9th South Deli offers kugel, knish, latka, beet/potato salad, matzo ball and incredible soups. Seriously, 9th South has just about everything you could want from an amazing turkey-cranberry sandwich, to delicious side salads, to wonderful treats and desserts.

If you're interested in giving 9th South Delicatessen a try, visit them between 10:55am and 5:05pm Monday thru Saturday at 931 E 900 S. Call (801) 517-3663 for any questions or to reserve the deli for a private party.

931 East 900 South 
(801) 517-3663

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