Monday, February 27, 2012

ICW Computers Done Right

By Ashlee Prisbrey from Topsy Turvy

In November my computer got hit with a NASTY virus (why do people do that, invent viruses? It's just unnecessary and MEAN!) I spent all day Friday and all morning Saturday on the phone with
India "ohio", first with my "virus protection software" and next with a paid support company. I logged over 17 hours on my cell phone. I still can't tell if the virus software "support" helped or made it worse. The virus stopped popping up all the time but none of my .exe files are working and while the internet is showing up as working none of my 4 browsers are connecting!

this is the culprit vista "antivirus" 2012

It became apparent that phone support was not going to help and I did what I SHOULD have done all along, take it to someone. Why DO we trust those over the phone "supports" anyway? Our computers have our LIVES in them, and we're going to trust ourselves to follow some directions from someone else not even in the same country? So you want to take it to someone, but you don't want to take it to someone that hasn't been HIGHLY recommended. After all your computer is FULL of your pictures, thoughts, videos, memories, etc... The thought of losing everything in your hard drive???? Panic attack!!!

icw-computer-repair-review-salt lake city

My computer loving Father in law recommended his place (he only has about 8 laptops). And I am SO glad I went. They ran a diagnosis for a GREAT price (way lower than the over the phone non helpful guys) and while they tried to save the computer they ended up having to completely reboot the whole thing. BUT before they did that, they recovered my entire hard drive and backed it up. So I only lost a few things on my desktop! AMAZING! They found hundreds of viruses on my computer (so much for virus protection), they upgraded me to Windows 7 for a great price and installed their recommended virus protection (let's just say it doesn't start with a Mc or N)


They can help you with all your computer needs including building a computer from scratch to fit your specific needs, my husband is pretty excited to work with them on getting a house server for the 10+ computers we have in our house! I won't ever go to anyone else and when my husband's computer got the same nasty virus last month we took it right in and they fixed it fast and cheap before it got any worse!

Computers done right
6239 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84121