Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chelsea Peterson Photography

By Ashlee Prisbrey from Topsy Turvy

I'm a TAD bit biased about this review, because Chelsea Peterson Photography happens to be my sister. But I think her work speaks for itself! This has been QUITE the year for us with many many MANY reasons to take pictures. And while we bartered for pictures (I do all her web work, and help with marketing, taught her photoshop, etc...) she has incredible prices AND is offering a discount for you I Heart Salt Lake readers! (see the details at the bottom of the post)


We started our year with a Baptism, And while I know it's just gaining popularity I've loved having pictures of my children to remind them of this special day in their lives. We have a wall where we are building our baptism picture collection and you can take pictures like these at your favorite temple or even just any gorgeous outdoor location, Utah certainly has plenty of those!


Then of course I spent most of the year pregnant and even though this was my 5th pregnancy I had ALWAYS wanted to do maternity pictures and was tickled when she was able to take mine! We did some inside and some outside and got a great collection for me (And proof when people don't believe how big I get when pregnant!)


And my favorite new craze- birth story pictures. If I could do ANYTHING over again it would be this. Pictures of each and every one of my labors. I love love LOVE labor, and having these pictures of this amazing day are so special to me! I love the little details captured, a tag here, wrist band there, ice chips, room numbers, clocks, etc...


Then a week later NEWBORN picture! Seriously how did that little man fit inside me just a week before this? There was lots of poop and pee and nursing during this photoshoot and worth every picture. A lot more bad than good, but it only takes a few to get that perfect sweet picture to remember a time that goes by way to fast.


Even if you don't get pictures for baptisms, pregnancy, labor or newborns EVERYONE should get yearly family pictures. I'm ADAMENT about this. I grew up with a family that didn't take them every year for one reason or another and I so wish we had. So even when I'm 6 weeks postpartum we tally forth and take family pictures, EVERY SINGLE YEAR! I love that my kids will look back and be able to see how we each grow (sometimes me more than others), change, and expand each year! I also take yearly headshots of the kids (because I'm not a fan of school pictures). Treasures, each and every one!


We ended our photo spree of 2011 with Baby Boy's blessing pictures! My mom has made sweet outfits for all of my kids and I have yet another wall of 8x10's of each of my babies in their special outfits! I can't begin to express how important picture are to me, even more than videos (although I should definitely take more videos than I do!). Picture are my treasures and if we had a fire the one thing I'd grab (after the baby and kids) is my back up hard drive with my pictures.


So whatever you have going on in your lives there is ALWAYS a reason for pictures, whether it's family pictures, your children together or like me headshots (or yourself, I had mine done for my about me blog page- and everyone should have a nice picture for their facebook page;)), or even a couple photoshoot for an anniversary (last year for my anniversary post it took me hours to find pictures of my husband and I together for some of the years- we're great about family pictures, but not much with the two of us- what a shame!) You ALL need to get pictures taken this year, I mean it! She also does senior pictures, party pictures (she does all my parties!), Babies first year, engagements, and wedding pictures!

Chelsea Peterson Photography is giving I Heart Salt Lake readers a great opportunity to get your pictures done! 15% off any session between now and August 31st. To get the discount you need to book by March 1st. Each session comes with your pictures on a disk and a copyright release allowing you to print the photos as you desire (or like me blog about them, use them for birthday party invitations, Christmas cards, Thank you notes, wedding invitations, etc...)