Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Heart Salt Lake Contributors- Katie and Carlie

Meet Katie and Carlie. They are contributors here on I Heart Salt Lake

You might know them as Miss Hazel Bloom Photography

How long have you lived in Utah?
KH: Ten years
CR: Off and on for 29 glorious years!
Favorite Local restaurant?
KH: Red Rock Brewery is delicious, they have a great selection of delectable delights. 
CR: I too love Red Rock, particularly their stuffed mushroom and fried green tomatoes!  I am also a lover of Mazza and The Himalayan Kitchen.
Where are your favorite places to shop in the Salt Lake valley?
KH: Orson Gygi is awesome!  I can’t say enough about it…the end.
CR: I love The Frosty Darling on Broadway.  Truthfully we both love most any of the shops found on that stretch of Broadway.  Also, Ken Sanders’ rare bookstore pretty much completes me.
Best thing about Salt Lake/Utah?
KH: Good people, good food, adequate parking!
CR: Retro/Vintage apartments, the downtown library, the abundance of coffee shops, the summer festivals, and all of the weirdos those festivals tend to attract.  I just love SLC!
Anything you want to add?
D’bolla has the best bubble teas, Gourmandise has delicious desserts, and Emilie Jayne has it all!