Friday, May 13, 2011

We Heart Locals- Jo Zumbrunnen

By Carly Kerby of Living the Scream

I wanted to tell all of the I Heart Salt lake readers about a fabulous Salt Lake City native Children's author, Jo Zumbrunnen who has just published her 2nd children's book. She also just happens to be my Mom which could make me a little bias but I don't think so.

Introducing Hairietta Hairison The One, The Only Me

It's an adorable Children's book with a great moral. It's about a little girl who loses her hair but does not care. There are too many other important things going on in her life.

Here is more about the book in the author's words.

"Introducing Hairietta Hairison, a modern day Pollyanna with the locks of Rapunzel. I wrote this story for my granddaughter who has Alopecia. (simply put the hair follicles are attacked and baldness can occur)  I have seven granddaughters and I want all of them to have a Hairietta attitude. While getting this book ready I had three friends diagnosed with breast cancer.  They all went through their own hair-oic challenges. We all have a hair story and for sure a bad hair day. This book appeals to the ages of 3-101. It’s a little girlie but when my grandsons read it they laughed their hair off..(just kidding). This is my second children's story that has made it to publication. The Journey to get this far isn’t always easy but Hairietta's message made it well worth it."

The illustrations and graphic design are done by my brother and his wife who also live in Utah, which truly makes this book a family affair.

Introducing Hairietta Hairison The One, The Only Me is sold at Salt lake City book store The King's English.
You can also purchase it on her website I Heart Salt Lake readers will receive 30% off. Use code iheartsaltlake.