Friday, March 25, 2011

Mo Bettah Steaks

 Have you ever been to the islands?  When there did you eat a plate lunch?  Did you have some teriyaki chicken or grilled steak.  Well, if you did, get ready for the memories to come back.  And if you've never been, get ready for a taste from the islands.  Because that's what you'll get at Mo Bettah Steaks.

At Mo Bettah Steaks they are grilling up fresh steaks and chicken  and serving up delicious kalua pig too.  The meals come with rice and tossed or macaroni salad.  The steak and chicken come either teriyaki or pulehu style.  Both are so good it's hard to choose.  Lucky for us they have combo options.  We love it all so much that it's hard to say what our favorite is. 

 Pulehu Chicken Plate
 Teriyaki Steak Plate
Teriyaki Chicken with brown rice and macaroni salad

Pickup a shave ice while you're there.  It's another great hawaiin treat!

"Mo' Bettah Steaks"
335 West 1830 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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