Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hires Big H Drive-in

I have great childhood memories of pulling up to Hires in the car to eat.  I loved the frosty mug of root beer, the french fries and the tray that hung on the side of the car with all the food.  Back in my day, it was one of the only ways to get fast food.   As an adult, I still love pulling up the Hires, ordering from my car and having the food brought right out to me. 

Hires Big H on the corner of 700 east and 400 South has been in business since the late 1950's. They are still going strong with that old 50's charm.  Hires offers many burgers and sandwiches along with fresh cut french fries and onion rings, drinks and shakes.  Their frosty root beer mug is always a treat too.  My favorite is the Big H, french fries with fry sauce and Cherry Root Beer.

Hires now has 3 locations in the valley.
Check out  Hires online.  They even have an online coupon available. 

Hires Big H

Salt Lake City
425 S. 700 E.

835 E. Fort Union
West Valley
2900 W. 4700 S.

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