Thursday, January 6, 2011

Salt Lake Community Education Classes

Each new year I resolve to try something new and what better way than to take a class. Salt Lake City School District offers community education classes through out the year. The classes are relatively short and inexpensive, not mention they are offered at most high schools around the state so it shouldn't be too hard to find one near by.
Registration is going on right now, so hurry and sign up.
Most classes begin the week of January 18th.

Here are a few class suggestions.

East Community Education
East High School
840 South 1300 East

Watercolor painting
Pottery, hand and wheel
Big band swing dancing
Hula hooping
Hiking and snowshoeing

Highland Community Education
Highland High School
2166 South 1700 East

Scottish country dancing
Bread making (class held at House of Bread)
Creative cake decorating
Welding and metal arts
You're on the air (how to make it in vice-overs)

West Community Education
West High School
241 North 300 West

Book binding
Ice fishing
Pinhole photography
Duct tape wallets
Leather working

Hillside Community Education
Hillside Middle School
1825 South Nevada Street (2340 East)


View the full Salt Lake Community Education catalog here.
Register for classes here.